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20 Martin Hill Road
Wolfeboro, NH 03894

About the Lake View Inn Hosts

Check Availability and Make ReservationsYour hosts Ruth and Bob purchased their home in December of 2012. They were so mesmerized by the views of Lake Wentworth and the White Mountains from their deck; they decided to share their piece of paradise with others and opened the appropriately named Lake View Inn.

Originally from the Chesapeake Bay area of Maryland, both Ruth and Bob were systems engineers in the aviation industry. They have traveled the world during their careers but are now ready to stay in one place and enjoy the peaceful serenity of the mountains and lakes of New Hampshire.

Ruth and Bob share their home with their dogs that provide greetings to guests and lavish kisses in return for any attention that comes their way. You will also see two beautiful horses grazing in the fields that are always happy for a carrot or two.

Apollo the Dog at Lakeview Inn in Wolfeboro, NH   Hooligan the dog at Lakeview Inn at Wolfeboro, NH   Rocky and Chester the dogs at Lake View Inn in Wolfeboro, NH
You will never get lost on our 65 acres, Apollo will always herd you home and lavish you with oodles of kisses.
  Ottis and Hooligan
Whatever you do, don’t throw them a stick. You won’t be left alone for the rest of your visit and your arm will be very tired.
  Rocky and Chester
Whether you need a huge snuggle or a little one, Rocky and Chester are always willing to accommodate.
Lake View Inn B&B   |   20 Martin Hill Road, Wolfeboro, NH  03894   |   |   603-515-6414